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Artist Statement:
Art for me is an escape-an escape into a world of various tales- for each painting is not just a painting, it is history-history composed through many layers before finally reaching as a final product to the viewer.
When I begin on a new canvas, that canvas is an empty book, its story waiting to be told. I never know how it will look when it is finished, and for me that is the most exciting part of art: the mystery ending; and it is that thrill that is the driving force behind the many layers-normally 6-8-that I create before the painting is considered to be finished. Each layer goes under the experiment of varying materials, anything from water and oil colors to crayons, block printing, and acrylics-each adding to the original story, something new and something different, linking it to its past and becoming the bridge to the future viewer of that painting.
It is these layers, these stories, which can be seen by the viewer in bits and pieces, almost like pieces of a puzzle finally coming together. When a viewer can be absorbed in a painting of mine for a period of time, and take something back with them, that is when I feel that I have been successful in what I’ve been trying to achieve.